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Slimming World

Haven't updated this in a while, so thought I would give it another go.
Going to start Slimming World religiously tomorrow morning, and so thought I would try and use this to keep track of my progress and also keep me on the wagon!

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John Barrowman Tour 2010 Cardiff

So I went to see JB in concert on Saturday Night. It was the first concert I have been to in a long time, (the last one being busted when I was about 14!) so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, except for an entertaining night with Mr Barrowman =)


We arrived at the CIA quite early, so we queued up outside with all the other Johnettes eagerly awaiting seeing the man himself. When we got in there, i managed to spend a substantial amount of my student loan on merchandise =P got two t-shirts, a programme, a mug and a poster.


The first half of the concert was brilliant, with lots of amazing stories, banter and songs. Some unexpected songs which made me giggle so much, especially with the input of the J4 dancers! Favourite song of this act was easily the finishing number, Don’t Rain On My Parade.




The second half was equally as brilliant, if not more so. Loved The Doctor and I, with the montage of pictures and footage of JB with both Christopher Eccleston’s and David Tennant’s doctors. Jodie was also brilliant during her songs.


JB went off near the end to change into his 4th suit (Yep, you’ve guessed it, the VERY sparkly one!!!) and then came back out for an encore. He sang From this moment, for which he received an extended standing ovation which was incredibly moving and amazing. He then proceeded to become very emotional about receiving such a reaction from the audience, especially from one at Cardiff, about how much it meant to him. It was at this point that I had to stop clapping and cheering to start blubbing like a baby. As expected, I Am What I Am was an epic performance.


When the concert finished, we went around to the security entrance in the hop of catching another glimpse of JB. We waited around 20/30 minutes, then he came out driving his car with Scott and his Mum and Dad as passengers. We all got a wave and a honk of the horn from his very nice shiny red car!!!




It was a brilliant night, and really want to go again but unfortunately can’t afford it. Will just have to eagerly anticipate the release of the DVD in 29 days (Yes I’m already counting down!) in order to relive it all again.


Also! Saw Eve Myles and Scott, so they were bonuses of the night!



Yayyyy!!!! Ive passed my first year of uni!!!! Sooo excited!!! Means i now have to start writing cvs and covering letters to apply for industrial experience,  but yayyyy!!! =D


Robin Hood

I have just returned from seeing today’s matinee show of Robin Hood, and it was absolutely amazing! From the moment John stepped on stage, he had me smiling from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat! The songs and the rest of the cast were amazing as well, loved the chemistry and banter between the members of the company. Loved the fact that John kept getting the giggles, made me laugh even more! Although when it came to the spike trick, my heart was hammering in my chest! When he appeared in the box, he made the lady that was sat there jump so much! Stealing all the sweeties hehe! =D

After the show, I was going to purchase one of the photographs that were on sale, but the person in front of me bought the last one! :’( Never mind though, will just have to spend more money when it comes to tour time lol!!!!!

At one point, he even mentioned my town Trefforest, which I greeted with a massive cheer! Lol! I had front row seats, and they were absolutely amazing, incredibly close to JB!!!!!!!

JB Vid

OMG this video is soooooo sweet!!!


An Evening With John Barrowman

I got this DVD last Monday, and i have lost count of the number of times i have watched it since! Its absolutely brilliant, and makes me laugh, cry, smile, go through almost every emotion possible. When John sings ‘Goodbye My Friend’, he puts so much emotion into it. I bawl my eyes out every time i see it. It was absolutely hilarious when he split his trousers, and well done to the editors, i didn't even notice the change in trousers the first time i watched it. One of the best DVD’s ever, made even better by the fact that it was signed by John! Squeeeeee!!! =D

I think i may be in danger of wearing out the DVD if i continue to watch it at this rate, but i just cant help myself!!

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John Barrowman DVD Signing Cardiff Bay


when i arrived, i ended up wandering round for an hour and a half because i got lost and couldn’t find the ASDA! To add to this, it was chucking it down with rain (typical welsh weather i know lol) !

Finally ended up finding it, with about an hour to spare. Walked in, massive stack of JB DVDs right in front of me! Was sooo awesome. Went and queued up, i was quite lucky to be near the front of the queue, but some people had been queuing outside of the store since 7am!

At 12, he came in, looking as gorgeous as ever! Got to the front, took some pics (unfortunately weren’t allowed pics with him because there was just too many people and not enough time). Signed my DVD, i am going to treasure it forever!

Cant believe that i have finally managed to meet this fabulous man, and today has been….


These are the pics that i took:

2   316259_1251686687150_1078986542_797422_5315189_n


4 16259_1251686727151_1078986542_797423_1582511_n

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Magic Twirl Video

Hey everyone! Me and my mates at uni have made this awesome video – check it out, and please rate and comment!!

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New Ianto Jones/Torchwood Vid

Ive made a new video as a tribute to Ianto Jones and Torchwood, showing Jack reflecting upon his life with Ianto Jones as he stands on the hilltop in the last scene of Children Of Earth.


Please feel free to view and comment!